What is Business?

A platform where goods and service can be exchange with the way of money and also a deal can be happened from single person to another one either to third party which can be handled with the way that money can do , with that deal a business can get a good deal through the people either from third parties, in business everyone wants to have perfect deal with everyone as they needs to get profit without having profit no one wants to have a single application for any particular system either to individual person but the sake of business that could be happened is money which will be given to money an the task could be done for the purpose of money.

Methods in business
Major parts of business can be such as shareholder, partnership, carporation.

Share holder in business
Where a person can take his money to get the profit with given commission either with given statement without doing anything that person who gave his whole money and invest money for sake of percentage like 10% 30% either 60% of whole profit in business, only the reason is that he going to invest his money but the whole responsibly will be taken to those haven’t money to spend in his company they will do their hard work for a purpose of that deal where he has given money to get much profit and take full responsibly of company.

Partnership in business
In this whole statement of business their can be the method of partnership because if a single person wants to open a new business that without having a huge amount there is requirement of partnership which will be given to by another person such as you want to open restaurant company, either any kind of activity which could be done in business so at that time you both will done a agreement that how much company either shop will earn benefit and that could be shared in equal situation because the way of partnership ,so both side will earn a profit which could be taken from both side in business.

Business in corporation
In a field where a company is having good deals with the whole world such as a company which is too much famous and earning a good profit it’s sales so when the method come that how we can be a part of that shareholder, only the method is we have to come on that stock holder where you will invest your money in that company your money will be invested after that if company earns good shares in year either with given time and at that time you will notice that profits has came to your account either not .